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Stoptech Front Sport Brake Pads [2015-2021 Subaru WRX]

Stoptech Front Sport Brake Pads [2015-2021 Subaru WRX]

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StopTech introduces a new line of Racing Friction Materials that brings the company’s “Brake Late, Finish First” philosophy to a wide range of racing disciplines. The pads complement the company’s wide range of high performance and replacement brake friction.

The new race-specific pads are engineered to provide optimal friction levels for shorter stops, increased control through superior pedal modulation, and fade-free performance at extreme racing temperatures. StopTech Racing pads are designed to provide superior performance in any racing brake system and engineered to match the outstanding performance capabilities expected of all StopTech.


  • Formerly known as Street Performance Pads
  • High MOT to Eliminate Fade
  • Positive Molded for Uniform Friction Material
  • Scorched to Raise Initial Cold Effectiveness
  • Para-Aramid Composites for Linear Response
  • Lab-Developed Formulas with Strong Initial Bite
  • Ideal for Autocross and Light Track Day Use


  • Excellent Actuation, Modulation and Release
  • Dyno Proven Performance and Service Life
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